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When you are using products in your daily life, do you ever wonder how they are made?

When you are using products in your daily life, do you ever wonder how they are made? There are various kinds of the manufacturing process, and injection molding is one of them. The fabricating method of injection molding includes injecting melted materials, which is usually plastic, into the mold prepared in advance and ejecting the product after it cools off. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what everyday products are made from injection molding!

Plastic Bottles

One of the products that we have access to daily is the plastic bottle. Because the plastic bottles are required to be light as well as strong enough to stay in shape, they are often made out of the PET plastic through injection molding. Besides the bottles, the plastic caps and lids are also made from the process of injection molding.

Food Utensils and Containers

Besides the containers for drinks, the containers and utensils for food are also made out of plastics by the process of injection molding. The two kinds of plastics that are typically adopted when producing food utensils are polypropylene and polystyrene. As one would expect, the molding equipment used to create the food utensils and containers is way more sanitized than those that are used to make other plastic products. However, the molding manufacturing process is basically the same.

Medical Tools

Yes, the plastic device that serves for medical purposes is also made by injection molding. Consequently, it is clear that the injection molding process is very sanitized and can be used in various places that have high demands for sanitation.

Electronic Products’ Enclosure

Because of the plastic’s non-conductivity and its sturdy property, it is considered the perfect fit for electronic housing. Electronic products that range from remote controls, televisions, computers, to electrical switches, have all of their outer enclosures are made out of plastics. Such products need to be identical. Thus injection molding would be an ideal manufacture method for them.


Toys, as they are designed for children, have to be lightweight and hard to be damaged. Plastic, which fulfills both needs, becomes the first choice in toy manufacturing. Also, for toys that need to be constructed together, extreme precision becomes one of the prerequisites. And injection molding meets such requirements consummately.

Car Interiors

Not only children who are keen on playing toys are surrounded by products of injection molding, but the adults are also interacting with profuse injection molding commodities. The plastic parts of the seats, front, and back of the car are all made from injection molding.


All in all, injection molding is a common way of manufacturing products that range from mechanical parts to daily life products thanks to specific properties of plastics and the high precision brought by injection molding.

For people who need a medium or high production volume of injection molding parts, tasks can be well finished with the help of a professional manufacturing company. RapidDirect is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of rapid prototyping services, whose injection molding service features streamlining the manufacturing process with automation, wide range of compatible materials, a high degree of accuracy and precision and rapid manufacturing for medium to high production volumes.

When someone brings up phone brands made in China, the names that first come to mind are undoubtedly Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus. However, many other Chinese companies also make high-quality smartphones. These Chinese smartphone companies remain obscure since their sales volumes are not high enough in the Chinese market. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality of these companies’ cellphones is not good enough. In fact, these obscure companies’ cells are as saleable as those of Xiaomi and Huawei in some major markets and have released some amazing designs.

Elephone, one of the less-known smartphone brands from China, recently the company released a new affordable phone with unique pop-up camera design, Elephone U2.

Design and Screen

Elephone U2 offers three colors options, blue, black, and red. Together the CNC aluminum alloy frame and front glass consist of a fresh, modern outlook with a touch of elegance. The back of Elephone U2 is a piece of 3D curved glass that fits the hands, so it is easy and comfortable to hold for a long time. When you look at the FHD+ Ultra-wide screen, you will be amazed by the stunning vibrant colors it provides, thanks to its 103% color-gamut and the 500 nits brightness. Other than cool colors and brightness display, the size of the screen is also remarkable. Due to the LCD screen, Elephone U2 moves the fingerprint sensor down the power button. It is noteworthy that while the fingerprints sensor is used to unlock the phone, unlocking payment methods with fingerprints is not available yet.

Elephone adopts the 6th generation of the full-view screen technology and keeps the chin border as a narrow 3.48mm. By moving the cameras to the pop-up module, there is no notch or drop notch on the display screen, greatly enhance the screen’s size. Compared to the 79% screen to body ratio of iPhone XR, that of Elephone U2 is as high as 93.1%, which even exceeds the 87% screen to body ratio of Oppo Find X. Such high percentage of screen to body ratio is not common in the smartphones’ market, and this task has been tackled by Elephone.


The primary rear camera is 16MP with an F/1.6 large aperture that sports a 5MP depth sensor and a 2MP snapper for lighting improvement. With such high megapixel ideally grants one’s wish to seize every memorable moment by saving them as HD pictures.

The pop-up front camera design is the biggest highlight of Elephone U2. Some may feel like this special camera rings a bell for them. Indeed, this pop-up camera is also used on Vivo Nex. However, there are still some differences between the two pop-up cameras. The pop-up camera design of Elephone U2 is bigger than that of Vivo Nex since the former has two cameras instead of one. Also, while the pop-up selfie camera of Vivo Nex S is 8 MP, the two front cameras of Elephone U2 are 16 MP and 2MP respectively.

The front cameras of Elephone U2 are also equipped with a beauty effect that can smooth out the skin and presents the best look of yours. Additionally, the front cameras also come with the Bokeh mode. This Bokeh effect that can soften the background and bring a sharp focus on the main subject, adding layering to the pictures. For those who would like to take selfies in the dark, the dual LED flash can fully satisfy your needs.


The battery capacity of Elephone U2 is 3250mAh, saving you from the trouble of having to charge the phone multiple times every day. With a single charge, the battery can last from seven or eight hours up to a whole day. Combined with the unique power-saving technology of Elephone U2, it is fair to say that the battery draining speed is not an issue to worry about. Furthermore, Elephone U2 supports fast charging, saving more time for you.

Network and Connectivity

Since Elephone U2 supports both 3G and 4G, you don’t have to worry about whether your carrier is compatible with it. Elephone U2 comes with dual Nano sim slots. For those who want to use two services simultaneously, Elephone U2 meets this requirement just fine. As far as connectivity’s concern, Bluetooth 4.2 is used for wireless connectivity with other gadgets. This latest version of Bluetooth eliminates the possibility of slowing down the data speed while the Bluetooth is turned on.

How to Build a Dedicated Home Theater Under Budget?

Home theater is no longer just an extravagance for the rich and famous. Thanks to more affordable technology, many families can enjoy the real cinema experience without leaving home. A home theater is quite useful, you can enjoy the theater time on your own or with your family without disturbing. So, why not build a home theater at home before Christmas. Here are a few simple steps to help you build a home theater.

Pick a Location

It is an excellent choice for you to build a home theater when you have space to spare. However, choosing a room for your home theater plays an important part in improving your home theater experience. Ideally, you can choose a room at least 20 feet long and 12 feet wide that is as separate from the rest of the house as possible. A basement or recreation room is more appropriate.

Control the Ambient Noise

After choosing a suitable place for building a home theater, you will find that the user experience is inevitably affected by external interference of sound, and if no keep off the noise properly, it will destroy our mood to watch movies, like cooking noise from kitchen, sound of water when washing dishes, children’s crying, etc. Therefore, to build the noise isolation system is of importance. So, what can we do on it? First of all, you can soundproof your room by adding a second layer of drywall and replace your door with a solid door. If the room has windows, put up the thick curtains that can absorb sound.

Surround Sound

Surround sound is also an essential element in a home theater. For a better experience, seven channel speakers and a subwoofer are very good alternatives.
You can place the speakers as follows:

  • Center Speaker: Directly above/below the screen
  • Left and Right Speakers: Ear height on the left and right sides of the screen
  • Two Side Surround Speakers: On side walls behind the main seating row
  • Rear Surround Speakers: On the back wall, equidistant from one another

Lighting Control

There are two aspects of lighting that you need to take into account, indoor light control and ambient light. In terms of light control, if your budget allows, intelligent lighting control systems are the best option. You can just press a button to change the brightness and make the atmosphere ready for the movies. While the ambient light, same as ambient sound, means to cut off the light sources from outside. The best way to deal with ambient light is to choose a space that already has little light, such as a basement. If not, get your dark thick curtains and seal the gap under the door.

Wire a Video Projector

Except for some prefer the good image quality of TV, most of the home theater enthusiasts choose projector as home theater. With a HD projector, you can enjoy the high definition image that’s bigger than most of the television. In addition, the projector is on the one hand less expensive than LED television, on the other hand, it usually projects an astounding screen of 100 inches, much larger than the ordinary TV screen. Prices for the home projector of this kind range from $500 to $1,000. However, some projectors are fairly quiet, while some of the larger, high-end projectors are noisy and produce heat. When you want to buy a home projector, there’s something you need to know.

Editor’s Recommendations

Video Projector

With a budget under 1000$, XGIMI H2 will be your good choice. A decent home theater requires 1000 lumens or brighter. And XGIMI H2 home projector projects a full HD image with physical resolution up to 1920x1080 pixels and 1350 ANSI lumens brightness. Its motion compensation technology and built-in Harman Kardon speakers can provide you with a better film watching experience. Above all, XGIMI H2 is a cost-effective home projector for you to choose among the projector market.

Popcorn Maker

Nothing goes better with a movie than popcorn —— the best-pick movie snack of entire generations. What partly makes popcorn such a preferable movie snack is the fact that you can easily make it at home with a simple popcorn maker and without employing any difficult cooking techniques. So, why not buy a popcorn maker and add additional fun? Imagine at Christmas, you spend your time with your whole family members, eating popcorn and watching movies! A good choice for family activity and leave good recollection!