How Do Water Filters Work?

A water filter is a device which removes contaminants from water by means of a physical, chemical, or biological process. The most common form of the device is point-of-use (POU) home drinking water treatment and can take the form of a pitcher, faucet mount, countertop, or under-the-sink unit. The process usually involves using manmade substances such as activated carbon and ion exchange resins to remove unwanted chemicals and contaminants from the water supply.

How Do Water Filters Work and Are They Necessary
Municipal water systems are maintained by public utility companies, which usually use carbon and/or reverse osmosis filtration to remove water contaminants. We all rely on municipal water systems to provide a source of clean drinking water, and it’s important to recognize that water filtration is a necessary step to obtain clean water. In 2015, the US Department of Health and Human Services advised the public to always drink boiled or bottled water, rather than rely on tap water to drink. However, there are few simple steps that can help protect us from harmful contaminants and bad tastes and odors.

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