Ultimate Deep Cleaning Checklist 2021

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As a general rule, you should vacuum your home at least once per week. This is one of the best ways to get rid of dirt and dust. It’s also important to note that vacuuming will not get rid of all the dust in your home. In fact, it honestly only gets rid of half of the dust in a household. You’ll want to use a duster or vacuum high places to clean those hard-to-reach areas, too.

Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most dreaded household chores. And it’s one of the first places to show dirt and greasy fingerprint marks. But with a little elbow grease, you can make your kitchen sparkle.
It’s important to start at the top, with the ceiling and light fixtures in your kitchen. A quick dusting will remove any particles that may have settled on these surfaces over time. You may also want to clean out any cobwebs or dust bunnies that are hiding in corners or on ledges.
Next, move on to the inside of cabinets and drawers. Make sure you take all food items out before you begin cleaning so you don’t contaminate surfaces with bacteria from raw meats, poultry or eggs. It’s also a good idea to vacuum under shelves and appliances where there’s an accumulation of grease and grime over time.
Now comes the fun part: disinfecting! Wipe down countertops, oven racks, stove tops and other areas where dishes are prepared or utensils are stored with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar to remove any leftover food residue and mildew buildup. Be sure to scrub tough-to-clean areas like cracks in countertops with baking soda so they’re easier to clean tomorrow morning when you make breakfast!
Lastly, spend some time polishing up your sink area by removing any build-up of soap scum along faucet handles, spouts

Cleaning the bathroom
It’s time to clean the bathroom! Luckily with the V5 Pro, you can easily clean those hard-to-reach places like corners and high shelves. But don’t forget your other surfaces, such as your toilet and sink. It might seem like a tedious job, but it’s worth the effort. It will ultimately save you lots of money in future repairs.

the Floors
When it comes to floors, the first thing you want to do is vacuum the floors. If there are any food spills, take care of them with a wet towel and some disinfectant. Next, it’s time to sweep up all of the dust bunnies and dirt that’s been left behind by your vacuum. And don’t forget about your baseboards! You can get a good mop and bucket or you can use one of those nifty little mops that attaches directly to the end of your vacuum cleaner hose. Just make sure you’re not leaving any messes behind when you’re done so they don’t attract bugs or rodents later on down the road.

Cleaning the windows
One of the most obvious places to start cleaning is the windows.
Windows should be cleaned at least once a year, preferably twice if you live in an area where there is a lot of pollen or dust in the air. The best way to do this is with a squeegee, newspaper, and vinegar. You’ll need to wet the windows from the inside with the vinegar and then use the newspaper to spread it evenly across the surface. Next, use your squeegee to remove any excess water from the window or move it around as needed. Make sure you don’t scratch your window by using too much pressure.
Don’t forget about screens! One thing many people forget about are screens on their windows that can gather dust and other dirt over time and make them difficult to see through. To clean screens, use an old toothbrush dipped in vinegar and scrub away any dirt that has accumulated on the screen’s surface. Remove any residue with an old cloth after soaking it in water with a little dishwashing liquid on it so that you can get rid of any soap residue left behind.

Cleaning your pet’s bed
Dogs are often happy to stay in their beds, but they also like to shed. This means that your pet’s bed can become a haven for hair, dander, and dirt. You should vacuum the bed at least once a week to keep it clean. But if you want to get rid of the hair and dander, use baking soda or cornstarch to absorb the moisture and then vacuum up.

Make Your House Sparkle
With These Steps
We know it’s hard to keep up with your house cleaning. If you were to do one thing, however, would you make your house sparkle? Your home is the place where you spend most of your time and we want it to be comfortable and inviting for all who enter. Here are some steps you can take to make your house sparkle:
1. Make your bed every day
2. Clean up after yourself
3. Put away any clutter
4. Sweep and mop the floors
5. Take out the trash regularly
6. Clean windows and mirrors (inside and out)

In order to get your house to be as clean as possible, you need to do a thorough cleaning.
Vacuuming is a must-do, and so is wiping down surfaces. You should also clean the windows with a squeegee and water solution. Don’t forget to clean your pet’s bed, as well!
But don’t think that all you need to do is the basic cleaning. You should also make sure to wipe the furniture, vacuum crevices and corners and dust any high surfaces.
If you want to acquire a sparkling home, it takes work. But if you follow this checklist and keep it up, your house will have a cleaner appearance than ever before!

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