What Everyday Products Can Be Made from Injection Molding

When you are using products in your daily life, do you ever wonder how they are made?

When you are using products in your daily life, do you ever wonder how they are made? There are various kinds of the manufacturing process, and injection molding is one of them. The fabricating method of injection molding includes injecting melted materials, which is usually plastic, into the mold prepared in advance and ejecting the product after it cools off. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what everyday products are made from injection molding!

Plastic Bottles

One of the products that we have access to daily is the plastic bottle. Because the plastic bottles are required to be light as well as strong enough to stay in shape, they are often made out of the PET plastic through injection molding. Besides the bottles, the plastic caps and lids are also made from the process of injection molding.

Food Utensils and Containers

Besides the containers for drinks, the containers and utensils for food are also made out of plastics by the process of injection molding. The two kinds of plastics that are typically adopted when producing food utensils are polypropylene and polystyrene. As one would expect, the molding equipment used to create the food utensils and containers is way more sanitized than those that are used to make other plastic products. However, the molding manufacturing process is basically the same.

Medical Tools

Yes, the plastic device that serves for medical purposes is also made by injection molding. Consequently, it is clear that the injection molding process is very sanitized and can be used in various places that have high demands for sanitation.

Electronic Products’ Enclosure

Because of the plastic’s non-conductivity and its sturdy property, it is considered the perfect fit for electronic housing. Electronic products that range from remote controls, televisions, computers, to electrical switches, have all of their outer enclosures are made out of plastics. Such products need to be identical. Thus injection molding would be an ideal manufacture method for them.


Toys, as they are designed for children, have to be lightweight and hard to be damaged. Plastic, which fulfills both needs, becomes the first choice in toy manufacturing. Also, for toys that need to be constructed together, extreme precision becomes one of the prerequisites. And injection molding meets such requirements consummately.

Car Interiors

Not only children who are keen on playing toys are surrounded by products of injection molding, but the adults are also interacting with profuse injection molding commodities. The plastic parts of the seats, front, and back of the car are all made from injection molding.


All in all, injection molding is a common way of manufacturing products that range from mechanical parts to daily life products thanks to specific properties of plastics and the high precision brought by injection molding.

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